In appreciation of the below individuals’ contributions to ACHE of North Texas and the local healthcare community, individual contributions have been made in their honor to the ACHE of North Texas Leadership Legacy Fund.

The Leadership Legacy Fund has been created as a portal through which individuals and organizations can make contributions honoring healthcare leaders and in support of future leaders.

One hundred percent of the monies contributed to this fund go specifically to the career advancement of current and future generations of healthcare leaders.  This can include supporting them with scholarships to attend the annual ACHE Congress on Healthcare Leadership, funding the annual ACHENTX Mentorship Program, efforts to enhance the diversity of healthcare professionals as well as encouraging members to aspire to prepare for and take the Board of Governors’ exam – helping them through their journeys to become certified Fellows of ACHE, and other programs designed by the ACHENTX Board of Directors to directly support members in the betterment of their healthcare careers.

Special Honorees


Joel Allison, FACHE


Doug Hawthorne, FACHE



Brett McClung, FACHE
Tina Barker
Leslie Pierce
Steven R. Newton, MPH, FACHE
Ben Isgur, FACHE
Juliann Helsel, MSHM, BSN, RN
Tony W. Johnson
Bill Lammers MHA, RT(R)(CT)
Nathaniel Mickish, MBA
Troy Thibodeaux
Dr. Zach Mueller, DNP, RN, NEA-BC
Winjie Miao
Ken Hutchenrider, FACHE
John A. Gillean, MD, MHA
Nancy Vish, RN, PhD, NEA-BC
Virginia Rose-Harris, MBA, FACHE
Tiffany Capeles, MBA
Nydia A. Gonzalez, MS, CCDP
James H. Sammons Jr., M.D., M.S., FACHE, FACOG
Guwan Jones, MPH, CHES
Nkem Okafor
Jyric Sims
Paula Turicchi, FACHE
Britt Berrett, PhD, FACHE
Winjie Miao
Andrea Newman, RN, BSN CIC
Nayan D. Patel, CHCIO, FHIMSS, PMP
Jared Shelton, FACHE
Michael Wiggins, FACHE
Mack Mitchell, M.D.


Rulon Stacey, PhD, FACHE
Steve Love
Josh Floren, FACHE
Doug Lawson, FACHE
David Tessmer
Scott Hurst, FACHE
Becket Gremmels, PhD
Russell Hoverman, MD, PhD
Benjamin J. Retta, LMSW
Jason Wren
Josh Floren, FACHE
Jared Shelton, FACHE
Kristen Jenkins JD, MBA,FACHE
Kate Conklin. BS, BA, CPMSM, CPCS, CPHQ
Luann Culbreth, M.Ed., MBA
Susan Hernandez, MBA, BSN, RN
Marcia L. Schneider, MBA
Anna Brewer, CVA
Robert Earley, MHA, FACHE
Stuart Flynn, MD
Michael Sanborn, MS, RPh, FACHE
Keith Argenbright, MD
Pamela Stoyanoff, FACHE
Erma Lee
Sean McKenna
Martin Ostensen
Nick Kagal, FACHE
Rick Frie
Will Long
Ron Mehring, MBA, CISSP
Robert L. “Bob” Walker, FACHE
Bill Lee, MBA, MHA
James C. Cunningham, MD
David Berry, MS, FACHE
Stacy Wilson, JD
Blake Allison, FACHE
Paul Aslin, FACHE
Scott J. Grandjean, FACHE
Tim Ruse, FACHE
Tammy Walsh
Michael Sanborn, MS, RPh, FASHP, FACHE
Erich Koch, FACHE
Paula Brandon
Matt Nelson
Glen Boles
Ed Fry
Debbie Splinter, FACHE
Mike Watson
Dr. Gerald Ledlow, FACHE
Demetress Harrell
William Bellenfant, LFACHE
Ekta Pathare, FACHE
Shelly Miland
Ellen Mitchell Kozack
Teresa Huskey FACHE
Chief Doug Bass
Leonard Deonarine
Scott Hurst, FACHE
Dr. Jay Kaplan
Dr. Deborah Dierks
Brett Lee, FACHE
Jeff Canose, MD, FACHE
Fred Cerise, MD, MPH
Chris Mowan, MBA, FACHE
Doug Lawson PhD, FACHE
Doug Hawthorne, LFACHE
Paul Aslin, FACHE
Brad Helfand, FACHE
Timothy Kennedy
Erin Mastagni
Dr. James Parker
Mike Sanborn, FACHE
Kevin Stevenson, MBA, FACHE
Dan Stover
Robert Earley
Bob S. Ellzey, FACHE
Kent Helwig
Brett McClung, FACHE
John Phillips
Jared Shelton, FACHE
Michael Wiggins
John Warner, MD


Ted Shaw
Greg Butler
Guwan Jones
Charles Horne
Kimel Hodges
Paula Turicchi, FACHE
Dresdene Flynn-White, FACHE
Rafael McDonnell
Scott Phillips
Peter Triporo
Crispin Hocate
Paula Zalucki, FACHE
Kristin Jenkins, JD, MBA, FACHE
Elizabeth Asturi
Lara Burnside
Julie Menke
Vanessa Walls
Kenneth Hutchenrider, Jr., FACHE
Lee Colan

Annual Award Recipients

2017 Early Careerist of the Year:
Jared Shelton, FACHE

2017 Mentor of the Year:
David Helfer, FACHE

2017 Volunteer of the Year:
Jennifer “J” Alexander

2017 Student Case Study Competition:
University of North Texas Health Science Center
Crystal Bui
Liana Cherian
Monica Kovuri
Laci Sherman
Ela Vashishtha

2017 Heart of Healthcare
The Agape Clinic Dallas

2016 Volunteer of the Year:
Amanda Thrash

2016 Early Careerist of the Year:
J. Eric Evans, FACHE

2016 Student Case Study Competition:
University of North Texas Health Science Center
Chelsea Kleen
Ashnia Taher
Patrick Li
Shriya Sarin
Aman Jot Kaur Kaila

2015 Volunteer of the Year:
Scott Hurst, FACHE

2015 Early Careerist of the Year:
Fraser Hay, FACHE

2015 Student Case Study Competition:
Jason Fry
Andrew Lim
Mitaliben Maheshwari
Brad Terry