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2019 Mentorship Program

2019 ACHE North Texas Mentorship Program

ACHE of North Texas is now accepting Mentor and Mentee applications for the 2019 Mentorship Program. Early careerists or mid-careerists looking to take their career to the next level will be matched with experienced healthcare professionals in a mentoring relationship. Early careerists are those who have graduated from a Master’s program within the last 5 years or graduate students who will complete their program within 1 year. Mid – careerists are those who have at least 5 years within the healthcare industry and look to take their careers to the next level. NEW IN 2019: Former Mentees and Military applicants are encouraged to apply! You may go through the program again if you applied in one category and now qualify for a different one. For example, if you were an early careerist and would like to reapply as a mid-careerist. NOTE:  Mentee Applicants must be ACHE of North Texas Members before applying to the mentorship program.

Applications can be currently downloaded from the ACHENTX website’s Programs & Promotions page.

Email completed applications to: Deadline is Sunday, March 31.

Important Dates for 2019:

Mentees are required to participate in a 15-min interview scheduled on Monday, April 29 or Tuesday, April 30. All applicants will be notified by Friday, May 3 of their application status. Mentees selected to participate and participating Mentors are required to attend the Mentorship Program Orientation i.e. “Meet and Greet” on Thursday, May 9, 2019. Program contact hours begin Friday, May 10 and commence Friday, November 1. A closing reception will be held Thursday, November 14 where Mentees and Mentors will receive award certificates of completion and have an opportunity to speak briefly on their experience.

Requirements for the Mentorship Pairs:

Attendance is required at Program Orientation on May 9, 2019. Pairs are required to meet for 16 contact hours, 12 of which must be face-to-face. A portion of this time may be spent with colleagues or leaders who can provide additional guidance or shadowing to the Mentee.  Availability for 16 hours is required. Mentors will discuss career opportunities and healthcare topics in general. 

Mentees are required to submit a monthly activity log to as well as respond to monthly committee check-in emails.  Mentees must initiate monthly contact with the Mentor and be prepared to direct the agenda.  Mentees and Mentors must be active members of ACHE North Texas at the time of application.  Mentees are required to write a 2-5 page summary of their program experience, due no later than November 1, 2019.

Questions? Contact Mentoring Committee Chair, Amy Walz:, Vice-Chair, Derrick Villa:, or Secretary, Amber Long:

2019 Heart of Healthcare Award Nominations

The ACHENTX Membership and Networking Committee is soliciting nominations for The Heart of Healthcare Award which recognizes an organization or individual, benevolently committed to serving the DFW area for the greater good of others.  To be chosen for this award is an indication of a recipient’s noble commitment to serving the community at large.  The criteria by which nominees are evaluated include:

  • community impact/number of individuals impacted
  • depth of impact
  • volunteer effort
  • future efforts

Please click below to download the nomination form, which should be completed and returned to by no later than August 1, 2019.